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Our Goals

At Animal Abatement Specialists, our primary goal is to help you get rid of your wildlife intrusion issues while simultaneously treating the animals humanely throughout the whole process. We have 31 years of experience and are currently servicing the Silicon Valley and the Greater San Francisco Bay Area. Let us use our expertise to help you get rid of your pest problems today.

Our team is trained to handle any kind of issue that can arise from unwanted animals in your home or office. We want to help you both immediately and in the long term, so you won’t have to worry about these wildlife issues again.

Our services are broken down in this way. We offer live and dead animal removal, to humanely get rid of the animals that are causing you problems. Then, we can provide you with our animal exclusion, which allows us to find out where in your home or office is most vulnerable to animal invasion and close it up.

How We Help

By working with us, you will immediately begin to enjoy the benefits of improved safety from a wildlife encounter with an aggressive raccoon or startled skunk. You will experience improved cleanliness on your property and reduced risk of possible health problems for you, your pets, and your children, including the potentially fatal raccoon ringworm.

If you are living with wildlife on your property, it can be messy, unsanitary, and dangerous. Do yourself, your family, and your pets a service, and call us today.

We will be able to consult with you about what your problems are, how we can fix it, and how we can prevent you from having to worry about it ever again. No one should have to live their lives worrying about wildlife in their home.

Get in touch with us today to find out why we are the best choice for your animal abatement services.

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